Ardugula (Artakwerle) Aboriginal Corporation was formed by a group of traditional owners and native title holders in the Macumba region, whose interests straddled different native title determinations. It was clear that something needed to be done to prevent further loss of stories and culture, and to help future generations maintain their connections to country.

This is only the beginning for Ardugula. There is far more to come in future.


The Longest Songs

When we say the longest songs we mean songs that tell stories from right across Australia, that pass through our country. The Urumbulla song line travels from gulf to gulf right through our country. In the 1950s parts were sung as evening entertainment before the days of television. Other parts have remained quite secret, and some parts seem to have become more secret, perhaps because Aboriginal culture was very much repressed by government agencies in the 1960s.

More on songs and stories

The languages

 There are only a few speakers of Lower Southern Aranda and Wangkangurru languages at the moment.  There need to be many more if the languages are to stay alive. Plant names and other aspects of country come alive through the spoken word.

Can you pronounce our corporation's name?

As you can hear. It takes practice for people unfamiliar with the sounds.