Controversial new sign

Oodnadatta residents are offended that The Arabana Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC appears to have approved erection of a sign close to the town boundary. While many people did not oppose the original native title determination in 2012, they always recognized that traditional land use was much broader, with heritage and culture belonging to people who spoke other languages including Lower Southern Aranda and Antekerinja.

The problem highlights how the rush by the state and federal government to provide certainty for pastoralists and miners in the wake of Mabo2 and Wik High Court decisions failed to recognize the real complexity of common law and spiritual rights. Resulting "consent determinations" increasingly look like racist interventions with scant regard for genuine recognition of existing rights. It is important that when problems like this arise, such confusion and haste does not result in fighting among different identities. People should really be working together to achieve sovereignty, keep true culture alive and build a new Indigenous economy.


What exactly does this sign mean?