About Ardugula and the corporation's members


Back in country after a flood

Back in country after a flood

Ardugula (Artakwerle) Aboriginal Corporation ICN8214 was founded by a group of people of Lower Southern Aranda, Yankunytjatjara and Wangkangurru descent concerned about the future of cultural education and the keeping of country. Some of the world's oldest stories and longest songlines pass through our country. Members interests straddle 3 native title determination areas. Future economic development grounded in cultural production and our knowledge is important to us. For this reason Ardugula was formed to help ensure we can continue to pass on knowledge and language, even though future generations may go to live far beyond the Macumba Region from where we come. 

Keeping Cool

Keeping Cool




Some statistics

It is estimated that in 1900 the Macumba population included 400 LS Aranda/Wangkangurru people.

At present the pastoral lease population is just 10 workers.

A diaspora of over 400 has been created from ex-migration of survivors in the 1960s.

Passing on knowledge of country

It is really important that our members continue to pass on the stories to future generations and do everything we can to strengthen our cultural ties to country.

Thinking bigger

Ardugula A/C is not just about Macumba. The issue of cultural education and connection to country remains significant wherever settler views of land have taken over. The challenge is to rethink what is important in country.